THE RUMPUS: take me home

(Charles Kruger)

We always enjoy the community feel to be found at The Monthly Rumpus. This was especially in evidence on July 11, with Isaac Fitzgerald playing host to an intimate group as Stephen Elliott was wrapping after the final day of shooting on his new film. It was rainy and foggy and the middle of July and that is why, perhaps, the crowd was smaller than usual. But it’s love that makes a community, not mere numbers, and plenty of love was in evidence this night.

Meg Day and Janine Brito, two of our leading lights, were giving their final or near final performances in San Francisco for the foreseeable future. Meg is off to Salt Lake City (yes, it sounds odd to me, too, but I’m sure there’s a good explanation) and Janine is going to take her bite of the Big Apple where we know she will be welcomed with open arms and laughing mouths.

Rich Ferguson, Alexandra Teague and Jesse Ball rounded out the spoken word program.

Musician David Berkeley demonstrated his professional aplomb when faced with microphone problems and delivered a fine set.

The Rumpus, online or live at the Makeout Room, never seems to disappoint.

Shout it together community-style: Write Like A Motherfucker!

And here are the videos:

Meg Day

Janine Brito

Rich Ferguson

Alexandra Teague

Jesse Ball

David Berkeley