Marcus Lund - The Sacred text of Rosa Who is Great


Song with conviction! History with truth! Experience with spirit! All in the name of our prophet, Rosa!

On Tuesday April 19th 2016 (Year of our Rosa), Quiet Lightning presents the Portland OR release of The Sacred Text of Rosa Who is GreatMarcus Lund (who collected the sacred text) leads us in a service on the history of Rosa’s text. Stella Peach (who illuminated our sacred text) leads us in song.

Relive Rosa’s journey. Lie in a field next to our prophet. Sit in the cave with the man with the big stick. Know what it was like to sit next to little bear under a moon forest.

Rosa wasn’t happy but she was aware. She watched the stars at night. She wandered up mountains. She was not like the others in her village. Confronted by a villager late one evening, she decides to leave the village to seek out the gods on the mountainside, to find a place where she can simply be unhappy. The villagers can only speculate what happened to Rosa on her voyage but they do know that when she returned everything was different.

Told in text and in illustrations, The Sacred Text of Rosa Who is Great is a book about who is chosen and how we choose them. The book was posted across social media platforms throughout the month of August 2014 as part of Quiet Lightning’s book contest. This is Quiet Lightning’s third book.