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The Storming Bohemian Punks The Muse: COVID 19 Edition #52 – “Gonna Chill With The Muse”

Written on 12/08/2020

It’s a humbling thought, but I don’t suppose that any of my readers, much loved though you are, particularly noticed that I failed to publish a column last week.

If you did, I thank you. If you didn’t, I surely understand. In these days of Covid, it’s damn hard to keep track of anything. It’s life lived in a mobius strip.

But I’ll tell you why I didn’t write a column: I just gave up. I began by trying to write about International Aids Day, which led me quickly to my memories of being part of the early days of gay liberation in Los Angeles. A wonderful time, full of wonderful adventures, and wonderful men. Many of whom died in the plague. After writing well over a thousand words, I realized the column had escaped its bed and overflowed the banks. So I stopped, and I didn’t have the heart to try again.

So I’ll be a day late, I thought. But then the next day passed, and the next, and my heart remained low.

Then, on Sunday, I tried something different: I took a sabbath. A real day of rest. No internet, no FB, no writing tasks, just . . . rest.

And I realized something: for 10 months, I have tried, every single day, to get up early (usually by 5 a.m.), and go to my desk with a plan. And it has kept me sane: Among other projects, I’ve published 51 of these COVID edition “Punks The Muse” columns (this makes 52) and that’s quite an accomplishment. At an average of about 1,000 words per column, that adds up to the length of a novella, at least.

I’m ready to give myself a pat on the back and take a vacation.

I want to read books, and watch movies, and fix nice meals, and go for walks, and not worry about deadlines or anything that I have promised to write. I want to meditate and reflect and think about the coming New Year and come up with some really good resolutions and exciting plans.

I want to get out of the loop.

So, I’ve decided: I’m taking December off! That is my Holiday Gift To Myself and I’m going to make great use of it.

I’ll see you on the flip side, in January, when who knows what will be coming down the pike?

It’s gotta be better than 2020 and I intend to enjoy it to the max. With all of you!

The Storming Bohemia is gonna chill. See you on the flip side.