UNDER THE INFLUENCE: maw shein win, natasha huey, daniel suarez + cheena marie lo

Evan Karp + Lapo Guzzini hosted the fourth installment of Under the Influence, a performance series held on the fourth Friday of every month at The Emerald Tablet in San Francisco’s North Beach, on June 28th 2013.

Videos (and order) as follows:

  1. Maw Shein WinMinutemen
  2. Natasha HueyChristian Drake
  3. Daniel SuarezNaked Raygun
  4. Cheena Marie LoTheresa Hak Kyung Cha

Daniel Suarez + Stella PeachThe next show will be on Friday, July 26th, featuring Matthew Sherling, Gabriel Cortez, Brittany Billmeyer-Finn and Jenny Bitner—details about all performers, what influences they’ll channel, and video links here. You can RSVP hereSubmissions are now rolling, so send something in whenever you’re ready.