WEEK IN PREVIEW: elitist cred and small batch literature

(Anchester Xyletol)

Featured Event: Thursday, August 11th: We Still Like: ALMOST

“Operating on the simple-but-radical premise that we won’t wait for permission from cultural gatekeepers to put what we create into the world, that writing should not be used as an empty signifier to establish elitist cred and that art can engage real people and real ideas about our real lives,” We Still Like is the small-batch of literary journals, with writing so potent it forces you to reevaluate your grasp of language and the power of literature, and is the perfect accompaniment for The Bold Italic’s 3rd Base: A Dogpatch Microhood Event. Editors and Co-Creators of We Still Like Sarah Ciston and Chris Pedler will host a release party for Issue 3: ALMOST (Rickshaw Bagworks, 904 22nd St, 6pm, Free). See The Bold Italic for more details.

Also This Week:

Tomorrow’s the second Monday of the month, and you know what that means: it’s Rumpus time. Readings by Melissa FebosBrendan ConstantineSteve Fainaru, and Steve Almond! Also the comedy stylings of Nato Green and musical performance by Unwoman [watch this]. Afterward, head to Viracocha for a post-party in OURSHELVES.

Wednesday, August 10th is Bawdy Storytelling. This month’s theme is “Queer.” Raunchy has just been invited to dinner by Scandalous. Should be over the top, especially after their recent award. Or, if you’re in Sausalito, check out Sunset Poetry by the Bay, featuring Devreux Baker, Blake More, Lydia Rand and Janet DeBar.

Thursday, August 11th boasts another Sausalito event, Why There Are Words. This month’s theme is “Hunger,” readers: Mehri Dadgar, Alta Ifland, Andrew Lam, Kate Milliken, Paul Corman-Roberts, and Ann Ryles. If you’re in San Francisco, you could check out Thursdays at Readers Cafe, featuring Matt Sedillo and Luke Warm Water, or our featured event, the We Still Like ALMOST release party.

Friday, August 12: Not sure who’s reading this month at Lip Service West other than Bill Ayers, but if you like Blood, Guns and Whores… this one might be for you. No? Get Mortified @ DNA Lounge, a new venue for this national show in which people share true, embarrassing stories.

Saturday, August 13th: Get your sci-fi and fantasy on at SF in SF with Tad Williams and Deborah Beale, married couple // co-creators of the Ordinary Farm series. Or, if you’re in Oakland – Fruitvale, no less – help inaugurate Oakland Pet Cemetery.

And on Sunday, August 14th you can end the week by appreciating – in conjunction with Nude-Aid – Naked Girls Reading: ART.