WEEK IN PREVIEW: lightning never strikes twice

(Nicole McFeely)

Featured event: Quiet Lightning: Neighborhood Heroes, v.3

When was the last time you saw Tamim Ansary, D.A. PowellMeg DayJack BoulwareJane GanahlRob BrezsnySteven GrayCaitlin MyerGraham Gremore, and William Taylor Jr. on the same stage? Come on. When is the last time you saw them in the same room? Never. I repeat. Never. And, you never will if you miss Quiet Lightning‘s show tomorrow, Monday June 6th. A series so badass, Matthew-James DeCoster once changed his flight to make it in time (and it wasn’t even a Neighborhood Heroes show)! It should go without saying that “momentous” doesn’t really do the occasion justice.

Also this week:

See you tomorrow night!