WEEK IN PREVIEW: paper hats of headlines

(Nicole McFeely)

Featured Event: Dean Young Benefit

One thing I’ve noticed again and again with the people I meet who are involved in these types of events is their eagerness to give—whether its time, resources, or inspiration. It should come as no surprise then that benefits held to support the members of whatever you’d like to call this—a lifestyle, a science, a scene—feature some ridiculously fantastic writers. Here’s a chance to see what I’m talking about. On Thursday, June 23rd, a ton of noteworthy folks will be reading to benefit Dean Young. (I don’t care if you already know who he is. Read this. We were not children together, but we are now) Admission is free. You are free. Yes? Then come show support in this national effort!

Also this week:

OK. You can breathe now.