WEEK IN PREVIEW: the best things in life

(Nicole McFeely)

Featured Event: Tuesday, June 28th

Tuesday is a pretty overlooked day. Sandwiched in between the most disliked day of the week, Monday, and its ever-welcomed midway point, Tuesdays can seem pretty dull. However, the three events occurring Tuesday, June 28th might change that. What’s so great about this Tuesday’s events besides the voices involved? Well, they’re all free. That’s right. That means, if your wallet is as light as mine these days, you can spend all that extra money you’ll now have on a taco. Maybe even a cheap pint for later. Wow. Thanks, for looking out, Tuesday.

First up, at lunchtime, is Youth Speaks: Words & Voices. Don’t know about Youth Speaks? Check this out (or just show up). In the evening, choose between two very different events. The first, Found in Translation, is a book club meeting held each month to discuss some of the best new fiction from around the world. This month’s selection, “Never Any End to Paris” is a unique blend of fact and fiction written by one of Barcelona’s most renowned authors, Enrique Vila-Matas. Though prior knowledge of the book is bound to help, newcomers are always welcome! The second event, Writing w/o Walls, is the debut of a reading series that likes to party. Phil Genaldo, Gina Goldblatt, and Jeff Von Ward invite you to join six featured readers in some “drunken limb flailing” which they promise will bring the audience closer. Snuggle up, but keep an eye out for elbows, would ya?

Also this week:

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are nada. Nada y pues nada. What happened this week? Pride hangover?