WEEK IN PREVIEW: extra, extra bonus

(Nicole McFeely)

Featured Event: Friday, August 26th– Nothing is Hidden: Matthew Zapruder & Matthew Dickman

Nothing is Hidden is a monthly series of readings and artist talks held at SF Zen Center. That’s right, the Zen Center. How cool is that? Just wait. These readings and talks are dedicated to celebrating Shunryu Suzuki’s classic book Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind and the featured artists and writers (in this month’s case, dos Matthews—Zapruder and Dickman) are chosen because their work embodies the compassion, engagement, and curiosity at the heart of Suzuki’s text and the Zen practice. See, I told you it got cooler. And as an extra, extra bonus attendees will receive an awesome little surprise (and that’s just a hint). Really: catch a glimpse of Z and D.

Also This Week:
Monday, August 21st catch Clive Matson, A.D. Winans, Richard Krech, and Luis Garcia at the Art House Gallery and Cultural Center in Berkeley, a benefit for the S. Clay Wilson Trust.

Keep in mind, if you miss out on Monday, you’ll have to wait until Thursday for some action. Where you at, Tuesday and Wednesday? Geez. Open Mic, anyone?

Being a parent is hard. On Thursday, August 25th, Jeremy Adam Smith, Tomas Moniz, and Shawn Taylor will be making it easier at the Booksmith with Rad Dad Zine’s new publication which combines the best pieces from the award-winning zine “Rad Dad” and the blog “Daddy Dialectic,” two publications which try to explore parenting as political territory. Not a parent yet? Don’t care to be? Thursdays at Readers will be featuring Alan Kaufman and Stephen Kopel.

Saturday, August 27th presents you with a full day of awesome. First up, Small Press Distribution will be holding their 3rd annual sidewalk sale from 10 am to 2pm. Come support an incredible small press organization and pick up a few good cheap books (nothing over 10 dollars, most as cheap as a buck or three!). Later in the evening, check out Bitchez Nueve which is coming in strong with another great lineup including Tim Donnelly, Daphne Gottlieb, Steven Gray, Jessie Lynn, Leroy Moore, Sarah Page, and Roger Porter.

On Sunday, August 28th Portuguese Artist Colony will host Toothless, featuring guest readers Jonathan Hirsch and Olga Zilberbourg, musical guest Brooke D., and live writing guests Tim Bauer and Matthew Siegel (the final two writers TBA). Afterwards, check out Guinevere Q’s Variety Show over at Viracocha, but Hold Onto Your Hat! This one is going to be a doozey.