Writer’s Spotlight: Sisu Part 1, the Community Based Zine Supporting Underrepresented Voices

On this week’s episode of Aurum, we interview Sisu. Sisu is not just a zine; it’s a community art project dedicated to uplifting and supporting Queer/People of Color through art, poetry and literature. In the inaugural segment for “Writer’s Spotlight” by Ezra Buck, we interview Thuy Bercher, co-founder of Sisu, inspiring artist, writer and student.

This is the second episode of Aurum, a podcast by The Ignatian Literature Magazine, discussing literature, art, and film, hosted by Sophia Passin.

To get involved with Sisu, follow them on instagram.

Sophia Passin is a graduating English major and Fine Arts minor at the University of San Francisco. She is the Co-Senior Editor of The Ignatian literary magazine, host of Aurum, and an avid ocean swimmer.