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Quiet Lightning @ The Balboa Theatre

Quiet Lightning presents their 131st show, held inside the Balboa Theatre on Monday, January 7, 2020, with readings/performance by (in the following order):

Sean Taylor » Robert Pesich » Caitlyn Clark » Thea Matthews » Tony Press » Sara Biel » Peter Bullen » Carol Dorf » Jennifer Kulbeck » Lea Gulino » Abe Becker » Chelsea Davis » Tomas Moniz » Richelle Lee Slota » Chandler Rae Fitchett » Elizabeth Horner Turner » Sarah Paris » Amy Smith

Curated by Sophia Passin (L) and Kathleen Torrez (R)
Featuring cover art by Golbanou Moghaddas / Click on the image to read the entire show
Quiet Lightning logo

Quiet Lightning is accepting submissions for a literary mixtape to be held on Monday, Mar 2, 2020 @ a venue TBA soon. This show will be curated by Sean Taylor and Jason Whitacre — submissions are open through the end of Wednesday, February 5.