THURSDAYS AT READER’S: stellar cassidy, jack and adelle foley

[youtube_video width=399 height=233]Thursdays[/youtube_video]

[ Thurs Feb 2 12]

Jack Hirschman hosting his weekly series Thursdays at Reader’s, held at Reader’s Cafe in Fort Mason, with features Stellar Cassidy and Jack and Adelle Foley, followed by an open mic (listed, in order, below).

  1. Hirschman intro
  2. Stellar Cassidy [#2-3]
  3. Hirschman intro
  4. Jack and Adelle Foley [5-8]
  5. Garrett Murphy
  6. Steven Gray
  7. Rusty Rebar
  8. Buford Buntin
  9. Clara Hsu
  10. Jack Hirschman

Above is the entire show. Click “Play” to watch all, “Next” to skip forward, or the small “Insert” screen (to the right of the video time) to see thumbnails and watch them directly.

Thursdays at Reader’s is every Thursday at 6:30pm.