B.L.ING (THE BIG LIT THING): the hype is ironic unless you know better

Special event to say goodbye to the author of Wikipedia Says It Will Pass and Letters From Robots

Diana Salier is moving to the Northwest. Do you know Diana? You might have seen her read at Writers With Drinks or at Writing Without Walls or at any number of other events around town over the last year or so. If you have, you know better than to fear this metal grill beneath the words “lit thing”, and you probably don’t have a problem with the purple lips anyway.

Evan Karp once said: “Diana Salier delivered sassy poems drenched in Internet lingo, from text-message conversations to the shameless “When you brush my teeth in the bathtub, I crouched by your ears and shouted, ‘Baby! You must be a Facebook page because I Like you.” She capped that off with a clever confession: “I’m hiding my real feelings in my underwear, and hoping that you just stumble on them eventually.” Since that time, he has spent more time with her poems—clever and funny, they’re as accessible as your nose—and he’s really sad she’s leaving.

So are Anhvu Buchanan, Stephen Rosenshein, Lizzy Acker, Chelsea Martin, and Ben Mirov. Do you know these people? They have a lot in common: quirk and disregard, maybe? That’s not it. See for yourself: click on their names for video.

The event is at Press: Works on Paper, which is a beautiful shop at 3492 22nd Street (right off Dolores). They say they’re starting at 7:30 and ending at 2am… so even if you head to Literary Death Match [at Beatbox, with a stellar lineup] or the BAM reading [this happened last time] or to howl about the moon with Matthew Zapruder [yup], or to get you some Terry Taplin [check it], you could still meet up with these guys. You might want to—that’s all I’m saying. They’re headed to Doc’s Clock after the reading. Hope to see you somewhere!