POETRY FESTIVAL SANTA CRUZ: passion and figurative fire without alarm

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[ Feb 12 12 ]

Maybe all you need to kiss history on the cheek is to wage an epic gathering and introduce yourself continuously. Hello, I’m Evan Karp. Hello. Evan Karp. I don’t know who… that is, but I say it every time to find out. I picked up some language from those people, obscurely speaking. I picked up language from you. If there are an infinite number of things to do, and an infinite number of speakings… Usually it takes more than a large number of people to make something epic, in this case a spectrum of time segments with various degrees of overlap and a displacement that could swallow the average American lifespan (choose your gender). Daniel Yaryan Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts Coconaut Grove performers, though not all, below. That’s just my handle.

  1. Introduction by MCs Ginger Murray + Marc Kockinos
  2. Floyd Salas
  3. Gerard Nicosia
  4. Claire Ortalda
  5. Jennifer Barone
  6. Mike the Poet
  7. Cara Vida
  8. Jeanne Marie Spicuzza
  9. Jerry Kamstra
  10. Geordie Van Der Bosch
  11. Ginger Murray
  12. The Ellyn Maybe Band
  13. Alan Sitar Brown
  14. Lorna Dee Cervantes
  15. Avotcja
  16. Reubi Lynn Juminez + Steven Gray
  17. S.A. Griffin
  18. T. Mike Walker
  19. Rich Ferguson w/Bo Blount
  20. Jack Hirschman
  21. Wanda Coleman
  22. Lauren Eggert-Crowe (start: Quiet Lightning)
  23. Timothy Walker
  24. Steven Gray
  25. Cassie J. Sneider
  26. Keely Hyslop
  27. SB Stokes
  28. Max Tomlinson
  29. Arisa White
  30. Jason Scheinheit
  31. Tristen Chang (end: Quiet Lightning)
  32. A.D. Winans

My second camera died toward the end of A.D.’s reading. The next 1:45:00 coming soon on Litpod—some incredibly good stuff.

That Yaryan was able to put this thing together is nothing short of heroic. It was like whole branches of Wikipedia come to life meeting in the same grand ballroom, sharing a mic and some beverages, and then walking out onto the Santa Cruz boardwalk—drizzllng gray frisco nature claps onto our indifferent but otherwise shocked cabezas and a genuine surprise that 7 hours of recitation was still somehow inspiring (usually not mthing). I couldn’t stop talking (ask Charles, who also wanted to).

“There were sparks but no explosions,” said Yaryan. “There was passion and figurative fire without alarm. It was exactly what I had wanted it to be. It was beautiful. Art, expression, communication and inspiration all prevailed over the dark consuming ego storm that has hit the poetry world for so long.” Search for Quiet Lightning.

– Evan Karp