FIRESIDE STORYTELLING: in hot pursuit/the great escape

Fireside Storytelling features half a dozen storytellers every first Wednesday at The Jellyfish Gallery in San Francisco. I’ve been meaning to get to this show for a while now, as I believe live storytelling to be the most powerful humanmade sport, but there’s just so much going on! Having caught this episode, “In Hot Pursuit/The Great Escape”, I can heartily recommend Fireside as a  quality series with warm, enthusiastic hosts, a nice space, and a diverse audience looking for a few good tales. Keep it in mind when you’re making plans next month, and every time that first Wednesday comes around. You won’t be sorry… and even if you are, perhaps you’ll get a story out of it. – Wednesday, Nov 7th 2012

Storytellers were as follows:

  1. Susan McNeece intros the show
  2. Joe Loya 
  3. Scott Ethersmith
  4. Doug Cordell
  5. Chicken John
  6. Susan McNeece
  7. Caveat Magister
  8. Austin Staunch

The next Fireside Storytelling is on Wednesday, December 5th, and will have the theme: “Regrets, I’ve Had A Few”.