FOURTEEN HILLS: issue 18.2 @ wix lounge

[ Fri May 18 12 ]

Fourteen Hills celebrated the release of issue 18.2 at Wix Lounge SF with readings, a raffle, a staff auction, drinks and music (you know how they do!). This was definitely the first time I ever attended a reading atop a bank; the Wix Lounge is a wicked cool space, open and free for public use from 11a-8pm M-Fri (calendar permitting, as it’s first come first serve).

If you haven’t been to a 14 Hills release party and you like readings and you like drinking and you like dancing (or at least 2 of those 3), chances are you’ll have a really good time. The events are always free, the issue only ever costs $10, and the wine – which costs but tip money – is so copious it’s amazing (every time) it gets finished.

My favorite readings were probably Camille’s, Tom’s, and Siamak’s — he read an excerpt of his story “The Movie Quitters,” which you can watch in full here. But as with any Fourteen Hills party, there was something for everyone and the quality was consistently high. You should also check out Michelle Carter’s humorous 10-minute play.

Readings above are in the following order (as they happened, yo):

  1. Ivan Hobson
  2. Lauren Waterman
  3. Camille T. Dungy
  4. Gail Rudd Entrekin
  5. Michelle Carter (with Matthew James DeCoster, Matthew Clark Davison + Don Menn)
  6. Kate Warne
  7. Kristi Moos
  8. Tom Oristaglio
  9. Angelos Sakkis
  10. Siamak Vossoughi
  11. Michael Rubin Award

Resources ]

  • Submit to 18.3! The deadline is Jul 1, so get on it.
  • Purchase (or go read) the issue from/at Small Press Distribution
  • Watch footage from the 17.1 release party