INSIDE THE WRITER’S STUDIO: behind the words

(Charles Kruger)

Marcus Banks is a curious man with a taste for the confessional blog post and the personal essay. He wonders about writers and how they go about their job. Often attending literary events in and around Marin County, he wanted to know more about the work habits of the writers he met. So he invited several he admired to read on the patio of Peri’s bar in Fairfax, plied them with free barbecue, and conducted interviews. He named the event “Inside The Writer’s Studio” and it came to pass on September 10 featuring Allison Landa, Tanya Egan Gibson and Peg Alford Pursell. Each writer read for a few minutes and then Mr. Banks interviewed them in turn. The afternoon was an audience-pleasing success and the writers were enthusiastic and forthcoming. If you are interested in hearing about the writing process, keep an ear to the ground for future events organized by Mr. Banks.

For the curious, here follows video of the readings and interviews:

Allison Landa

Tanya Egan Gibson

Peg Alford Pursell