INSIDESTORYTIME: cipriani, lutz, jama-everett, dugas + floreen

[ Thurs May 17 12 ]

James Warner hosted InsideStoryTime at Alley Cat Books with the theme THRESHOLDS featuring, in the following order: Ayize Jama-Everett, Tim Floreen, Andrew O. Dugas, Ericka Lutz and Belo Cipriani.

It was a little bit strange, as Zoltar interrupted Jama-Everett (though fortunately Dawn Oberg was wise enough to unplug him — I was too afraid he would keep talking!), and because of the bookstore atmosphere the earlybirds (myself included) were all pretty silent, contrary to the usual intimacy of the series. Though after James arrived and called our attention to this (and brought beverages) we made the effort and at halftime you could hardly shut us up (in fact, that was quite a long and fun intermission).

IST will resume at The Makeout Room with the theme TRACKS on Tuesday June 26th at 7pm (and will recur throughout the summer there on every 4th Tuesday), featuring Will BoastDawn ObergDavid BerkeleyEric D. Goodman (Tracks), and others. Ransom Stephens will MC and entrance will be $5.