LIT CRAWL: center for the art of translation + tin house

The Lit Crawl: the most ridiculous concentration of live literary activity… ever? Yeah, probably. As much fun as it was to read as part of Asterisk SF‘s event in the third phase, I couldn’t help but be a bit bummed about everything I was missing at the time. But I knew that would be the case, and that’s how I felt even during the two stellar events I did attend; still, next year no reading for me!

Enjoy footage from the two events I was able to attend: the Center for the Art of Translation present Graham Foust reading Ernst Meister in the first phase, followed by Mary Jo Bang, and in the second phase Tin House brought CJ Evans, Cheston Knapp and Matthew Dickman. Sorry if you missed these events, but happy you get to see the video. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 13th 2012