PICK OF THE WEEK: Janet Thornburg

Howdy, seensters! Sorry for the slight lapse in dedication. Wait—that’s not what’s been happening. First there was Litquake, then we loaded a lot more videos onto the site—which you can peruse at your pleasure—and soon … when we’re caught up archiving, we will start adding new features. For now, though, here’s our pick of the week:

Janet Thornburg

I’d transcribe but I have a date with Belle and Sebastian and I’m a little nervous.

This coming week » Monday is Porchlight. I have recently started a podcast for those lovely ladies and their excellent series. This month, Chicken John tells a story! On Tuesday, Jennifer Barone and Ingrid Keir resurrect WordParty, the famous open mic poetry and jazz night — only from here on it’s going to be a monthly Viracocha affair … here’s a glimpse of Jennifer and husband Daniel Heffez, who will be in the house along with some other way talented folks. Then on Wednesday there’s a stellar lineup for Lyrics and Dirges, including Sarah Fran Wisby, Maw Shen Win, Shanthi Sekaran, and MG Martin.  Salud!