QUIET LIGHTNING + 826 VALENCIA: pirate lightning!

by poemsweetmegFor the first show of its Tour Through Town, Quiet Lightning teamed up with 826 Valencia to present a blind, submission-based reading open only to ages 6-18. This show was curated by Evan Karp and Chris Cole. — Monday, February 4th, 2013

You can read the whole show for free here, and purchase a copy of the book here.

The show was preceded by a special prologue set by the Writing and Publishing Apprentices. A list of all the readers (and an index of the videos) is below:

  1. Molly Parent gives a brief introduction to 826 Valencia
  2. Julie Guerrero
  3. Chloe White
  4. Jessuca Berrios
  5. Sophie Marquez
  6. Zola Rosenfeld
  7. Zora Rosenberg
  8. A shot of the crowd
  9. Claire Moreman
  10. Alexa Thea Suarez
  11. Ava Burlison
  12. Althea Kriney
  13. Isobel Obrecht
  14. Calista Nicholson
  15. Quinn Muller
  16. Ian Child
  17. Olivia Hoffman
  18. Crowd shot
  19. Chloe Kim
  20. Lucie Pereira
  21. Zara Tastari
  22. Gillian Buckner
  23. Jude Driscoll
  24. Dylan Amelia Gibson
  25. Huck Shelf
  26. Sophie Emiko Avigayil Brozinsky
  27. Henry Gerharz
  28. Jacqueline Quach

The next show of the Tour Through Town is in collaboration with SOMArt’s Feast of Words and will be on March 19th, curated by Josey and Christian Lee. Submissions are open through the end of February 27th — here to submit.