QUIET LIGHTNING: feast of words at somarts

Josey and Christian Lee curated the second show of Quiet Lightning‘s Tour Through Town, a collaboration with SOMArtsFeast of Words, on Tuesday, March 19th 2013. Authors were, in the following order:

  1. Introduction by the hosts
  2. Siamak Vossoughi
  3. Moneta Goldsmith
  4. Moneta Goldsmith for Alex Peters
  5. Maria Allocco
  6. J. E. Freeman
  7. Julia Jackson
  8. Cassandra Dallett
  9. Laura Joakimson
  10. Traci Chee

from Overturning the ArtificeAfter the show proper there was a short break followed by a group writing exercise: all in attendance were invited to create a character and a place, which they did in 2 minutes or less; then they swapped with someone else; then they wrote for 10 minutes with the other person’s prompts; then they paired up with someone else and shared; then the first 8 people to volunteer shared their work on the mic. Those readings follow the videos listed above.

Feast of Words recurs on the third Tuesday of every month, with a literary guest and a culinary guest paired to a theme. You can read more about (and watch) their show here and here. The next show is Tuesday, April 16th with Raquel Gutiérrez – get advance tickets here.

Quiet Lightning’s next show is a collaboration with Porchlight, the storytelling series now in their 10th year, on April 15th at the Verdi Club. Submissions are open through the end of Monday, April 25th, and can be sent here.