QUIET LIGHTNING, loud first year

Tues Nov 30 10, 111 Minna Gallery

(Evan Karp)

12 shows in 12 months. It doesn’t seem possible, even when I tape the corresponding postcards together onto a mural on my wall and put the 10 books we’ve published on the surface of my bed. I talk a little bit more over here. But let’s get to the videos:

Alia Volz

Bucky Sinister

Jonathan Siegel

Ian Tuttle

Ali Liebegott

Kim Addonizio

Andrew O. Dugas

Lauren Becker

Peg Alford Pursell

Charlie Jane Anders

Charlie Getter

Bucky’s poem was published today over at The Rumpus. SFist did a little blurb about his performance. We’ve been in SF Weekly before and after, been blurbed in The Chronicle, on KQED 2x, chosen as a best deal by FunCheapSF, and we even made it into The New York Times. Why don’t you read a poem or two? Send us a story! We would love to have you: lightning@evankarp.com. Check out the submission guidelines. And thanks again, San Francisco, Bay Area, you, for an incredible first year!