QUIET LIGHTNING: the greenhouse effect, v.8

Part two of the third annual three-show summer series The Greenhouse EffectQuiet Lightning hosted readings in the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers on September 2nd, 2013. This show was curated by Kelsey Schimmelman and Evan Karp and featured artwork by Inés Laresgoiti and readings by the following:

  1. Peter Bullen
  2. Ginger Buswell
  3. Elise Hunter
  4. Sommer Schafer
  5. Alana Siegel
  6. Dani Burlison
  7. Charles Kruger
  8. Moneta Goldsmith
  9. Cate White
  10. Matt Leibel
  11. Liza St. James
  12. Lindsay Merbaum

The next QL is on Sunday, September 22nd in Kerouac Alley as part of City Lights’ 60th anniversary.