SHIPWRECK: the great gatsby you never imagined

The Booksmith recently teamed up with Write Club SF cornermen Casey Childers and Steven Westdahl for the debut of the new erotic fanfiction series Shipwreck on Thursday, June 20th 2013. The series, which features 6 writers re-appropriating a character from the month’s classic book, will recur on the third Thursday of every month.

Shipwreck_debut_posterThe first book was The Great Gatsby, and it was successful by any measure of success. This is a good place for a disclaimer: The Booksmith is one of Litseen’s sponsors, so I film at least one of their events every month. I asked to film this event because I’m a fan of Write Club, Westdahl and Childers, and knew they’d put together a quality show — especially when I saw they’d enlisted Sarah Griff, Nate Waggoner, and Carolyn Ho.

Here’s the idea: after selecting the month’s book, The Booksmith invited a cast of local writers to take on a character from the book. As an audience, we didn’t know who wrote which piece until the very end; in that spirit, I’m not here including the authors until the final video (where they reveal all). From the first passage it was clear that this was a good idea, with lines like “Jay Gatsby never learned to fuck like old money” and “If Jay Gatsby had been a soldier before he found his fortune, his cock was a soldier still.”

Seriously. The Great Gatsby like you’ve never imagined it:

  1. Introduction
  2. Jay Gatsby
  3. The Yellow Car
  4. Jordan Baker
  5. Nick Carraway
  6. Doctor T.J. Eckleberg
  7. Daisy Buchanan

The next shipwreck will be on Thursday, July 18th.