REVENANT! Portuguese Artists Colony

Sun Nov 7 10, Fivepoints Arthouse

(Charles Kruger)

The spirited members of the Portuguese Artists Colony have been haunting the alleys, byways and coffeehouses of San Francisco for some time, with regular monthly manifestations at the Fivepoints Arthouse. Give them a chance and they will haunt you.

On Nov 7, the colonists and guests went directly for the ghostly jugular with the theme “revenant.”

Guest reader Clint Talbert evokes the scariest (and perhaps funnest) memories of our childhoods with a reading from a novel in progress.

Leslie Ingham produces a Victorian-style ghost story with full gothic stops. Ms. Ingham reports that her family has a history of dabbling in spiritualistic seances. Obviously, she has listened to the family stories with good effect: her tale will send shivers down your spine.

Colony founder Caitlin Myer‘s story is based on a previous month’s writing prompt (“She’s Not Sexting Me”):

And Tamim Ansary‘s “Falling Asleep Watching Film Noir on Late-night TV with the Sound Turned Down and Classic Country Music Playing Softly in the Background,” believe it or not, lives up to its title.

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