THE HOLLOWAY SERIES IN POETRY: ron silliman + jill richards

[ Tues Apr 10 12 ]

For the finale of The Holloway Series in Poetry, UC Berkeley hosted Jill Richards (introduced by Chris Chen via David Brazil) and Ron Silliman (introduced by Claire Marie Stanchion). This was my first time seeing Silliman and (I have to say) I was a little disappointed at first and then confused about Richards’ decision to read a treatise (or something like one) about violence/non-violence (though the disappointment did wane into appreciation) until Silliman inundated us with 20+ minutes of straight language. This is violent¬†was my predominant thought next to This is awesome. I highly recommend you watch the above videos and (really) go to Silliman’s Blog for so much more on the author’s own work and a daily stream of other goodies.