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The Storming Bohemian Punks The Muse: COVID Edition #49 – ‘It Is Necessary To Write.’

Written on 11-10-20

it is necessary to write

we live in a time in which reality is under attack by goons
they are powerful they are monstrous they will eat your shoes
they’ll tell you the trees do not care they’ll swallow the air
and the moon along with it

the goons are after your ears and your nostrils
they’ll slice your throat and call it watermelon
they’ll boil the babies.

they’ll shatter the glass in all the windows
to fracture the light into shards of hatred

they’ll bake the poultry into putrid pies
they’ll turn the stars into their lies
they’ll out maneuver the Lord of Flies

listen up

maybe you wanna talk Trump and politics
maybe you wanna indulge in analysis
maybe you’re feeling plugged by paralysis

it is necessary to write

make a world of your own
even if only between your ears
or wriggling at the tips of your typing fingers

don’t give it to the goonies
grab back

it is necessary to write

these blasted sirens
calling out to our ship of state
would have you dash your own
hopes onto the rocks

stick your fingers in your ears
sing freedom like your life depends on it

it does

it is necessary to write

don’t give them the narrative
don’t give them any words
guard poetry like it were the very
ark of the convenant
or Jason’s fleece
or the philosopher’s stone
or your own
beloved child

it is

it doesn’t matter what you say but
that you say and say and say

so long as it’s the truth
they cannot stand the truth

sling truth like the rock from David’s sling
any truth

two plus two IS four
and so it is
forever more

Trees Matter
Black Lives Matter
Democracy Matters
Words Matter
Love Matters
Truth Matters
Survival Matters

Children Matter
Children Matter
Children Matter

mutter it or shout it
but never never doubt it

tell whatever truth you choose
but tell it loud and tell it well
toll it loudly like a bell
ask not for whom

we are not doomed
we are not doomed
we are not doomed

repel the gloom

punk the muse like it matters


punk the muse
like it matters