TAIYE SELASI: ghana must go @ the booksmith

The Booksmith hosted Taiye Selasi in celebration of her debut novel Ghana Must Go, which the author read and discussed in a Q & A, on Wednesday March 20th, 2013.

Ghana Must GoIf you’ve read any of the reviews you’ve either read the book or you’re on your way to get it now, so be safe and get there so you can read it already. The velocity of the writing is almost outrageous for the depth that it carries. At The Booksmith, Selasi said “When I’m writing the work I hear it out loud… it’s more like hearing it than writing it. And it always goes really really fast, if it happens at all, and I just sort of type as quickly as I can trying to catch this tide as it’s loosed. Then, after I’ve done that I’ll have to print out what I’ve written — front and back [laughs] — and then I read it out loud to myself to make sure — it’s not really to observe anything in my own writing, but just to see if what I’ve heard I’ve managed to type.”

Click on the book above to read an excerpt, and you can read another one here. Read a short interview here, an autobiographical piece here, listen to a discussion here, and read a review in the New York Times here.